Co-dependency Counseling

Are you feeling like your loved one just isn’t understanding you? Are you feeling stuck in a cycle of co-dependency, constantly struggling to find balance and satisfaction in your relationships? Are disagreements and power struggles taking a toll on the happiness of your relationship?  If so, it’s possible that co-dependency issues are at play. Co-dependency …

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Online Group Counseling

Group counseling has been around for many years and is widely recognized as an effective method of therapeutic treatment. It involves a group of individuals coming together in order to discuss various stressors and challenges that they are currently facing in their lives.  While each person involved experiences the direct benefits of being part of …

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trauma counseling ptsd therapy

Trauma Counseling

PTSD and C-PTSD. Everyone has experienced trauma in their life whether they know it or not. Exploring your childhood is an important aspect of therapy. Being a trauma specialist, I’m a strong believer that your childhood molded you to the person you are today.

stress counseling therapy

Stress Counseling

Struggling with stress? You are certainly not alone. It’s a problem that many of us experience in one way or another, yet it can sometimes go unnoticed until we’re in serious need of help. Stress can affect our physical and mental health and even impede our ability to perform everyday tasks.  Stress counseling is a …

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online counselor

Individual Counseling

For many, the idea of embarking on the journey of individual counseling can feel daunting and overwhelming, even when they are struggling with life’s challenges and difficulties. But sometimes, having an objective third-party help us work through the issues that weigh on our minds can be incredibly beneficial.  For those who are willing to take …

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