The Shape of Counseling

I am an online counselor and therapist who listens to your stories and gets to the root of your challenges.

I will help you get through from
Trauma to Healing
Insecurity to Confidence
Confusion to Clarity
Limiting Beliefs to Growing

If you’re ready to breakthrough, I will help you

Fear and Trauma

Everyone has experienced trauma at least once in their life. They often come in different forms. Also, these traumas can affect our daily lives subconsciously.

Life's Challenges

Life could be challenging. Its transitions could be overwhelming than necessary. This is why you need someone who listens and help you find solutions.

Limiting Beliefs

Humans are born to grow. It is the essence of living. However, limiting beliefs block us from knowing our true capacity. Not just that, it hinders us from attaining our life’s purpose.

About The Counselor and Therapist

Darly created The Shape of Counseling and The Shape of Wellness for every individual who desires to be better holistically – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She is an online counselor that also came from major life challenges and trauma, she wants to pay it forward and help people cope with the right counseling, solutions, and professional tools

Certificates: Trauma Specialist, Fitness and Health Specialist
Bachelor: Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
Masters: Holistic Psychological Counseling

As Seen In

counselor for individual counseling

The limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind creates chaos in your life that suppress your true self. In therapy, you remove the chaos so that your true self the super self will come out and shine like a diamond.

- Darly Sebastian

My Services

I encourage you to talk to me like you’re talking to yourself.
My session room is your safe place.

Online Individual Counselor

Individual Counseling

Having a good understanding of self is crucial in developing a healthy self concept. We’ll have a safe and caring one-on-one session where you can talk to me like you’re talking to yourself. This can be about you, your challenges, your career, and anything that bothers you that you know you need help with. I will then help you to the bottom of it and find a solution.

Premarital Online Counselor

Premarital Counseling

I believe in and promote premarital counseling more than couple counseling. We will address concerns, expectations, values, and other important factors before marriage. This paves a great foundation and help you as couples to make informed decisions.

Relationship Online counselor

Relationship Counseling

The greatest relationship in an individual's life is their relationship with self. As such we help individuals identify and tackle the flaws in their self- relationship for them to be open to relate to others.

Trauma, PSTD, C-PSTD Counselor

Trauma Counseling

PTSD and C-PTSD. Everyone has experienced trauma in their life whether they know it or not. Exploring your childhood is an important aspect of therapy. Being a trauma specialist, I'm a strong believer that your childhood molded you to the person you are today.

Stress Counseling

Stress Counseling

Low frustration tolerance is the root cause of stress. When you get frustrated with people quickly it shows that you’re frustrated with yourself and you’re being hard on you. Oftentimes when someone is quickly frustrated and triggered by people and situations its indicative of unaddressed trauma.

Single Session Online Counselor

Single Session Counseling

This will be ideal for someone who is interested in studying about themselves in depth. After the first session you can continue your self-study and can schedule sessions as needed instead of regular weekly sessions.

Anxiety and depression online counselor

Anxiety and Depression Counseling

Our sessions are focused on understanding the source of anxiety and depression instead of giving you some tools to reduce your anxiety. Acknowledging your anxiety and processing it gives you confidence and power over it.

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My Client’s Reviews

We make every counseling and therapy worthwhile for every session.

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I don't go by your diagnosis,
I go by your story. Let’s talk.

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You’re a session away from healing, breakthrough, and clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We accept almost all insurances. Click here to see if your insurance is included.

As of the moment, no. We might be starting it soon.

We use a video conferencing service available on the portal I use which is HIPPA compliant. You will be provided with a link to login.

Yes you can, I do not go by your diagnostic labels. I go by your story. After the first session if we are not a good fit, I will be able to refer you to other providers I am affiliated with.

Yes and no. I see them individually and I call it relationship counseling. I believe that you have to have a good relationship with yourself before you get into a relationship with someone else. Once you both achieved that you can work with each other.

I work on all of my patients alone. However, I partner with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who prescribes for my patients (if necessary). She is Dr. Pacificah Nyangau,  DNP , APRN-RN, PMHNP-B.

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Disclaimer: The Shape of Counseling is not a 24/7 Crisis Counseling Center. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, including suicidal ideation, thoughts of harming yourself or others, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. You may also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.